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Enrollment for the PRIORITIZE Study Closed on Friday, March 23, 2018.

The PRIORITIZE Research Team
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About the PRIORITIZE Study

THE PRIORITIZE STUDY evolved out of HCV-TARGET to address unanswered questions regarding the chronic infection known as HCV. HCV is a devastating disease that impacts millions of Americans and contributes to impaired quality of life, morbidity, and premature death. As we enter a new era of well‐tolerated therapies with high cure rates, we have a unique opportunity to begin to eradicate this chronic infection. However, since all‐oral therapies were introduced into practice; significant gaps in current evidence, high cost of treatment and exclusive insurance contracts have limited provider and patient treatment choices and access to these medications. To narrow the evidence gaps, this randomized, pragmatic clinical trial will compare the effectiveness of currently approved all‐oral therapies to better understand the real‐world efficacy and outcomes that matter most to patients and stakeholders.