HCV Pragmatic Assembly

Engaging with stakeholders is a core value to the PRIORITIZE Study. Using information from stakeholder engagements in decision-making is fundamental to understanding the full slate of needs, benefits and risks to developing and conducting this study responsibly and with attention to the broadest audience.  The PRIORITIZE Study HCV Pragmatic Assembly was organized and will be managed to facilitate communication and collaboration among our patient consultants, patient organization consultants, the principal investigators, the project sites, scientific advisors and industry partners to foster integration across perspectives and objectives to establish accountability, guarantee deliverables, and maintain two-way information flow with our large stakeholder community. The PRIORITIZE Stakeholder Community is invited to attend the QUARTERLY HCV Pragmatic Assembly teleconferences where study progress is shared and input is solicited from all project stakeholder organizations, HCV-PEG, researchers, sites.

 HCV Pragmatic Assembly 2 graphic

The core of the PRIORITIZE Study is made up of HCV Patients and HCV Patient Organizations (blue) nested within the entire HCV Stakeholder community (orange) made up of HCV Treatment Providers, the Pharmaceutical Industry, Guidelines Committees, Health Systems, Policy Makers, Payers, and Pharmacies. HCV Patients and HCV Patient Organizations influence and are influenced by each stakeholder group (blue and orange arrows). Communication in PRIORITIZE occurs through multiple channels including across the broader stakeholder community (the periphery of the PRIORITIZE Community) and through the Core of PRIORITIZE, our Patients and Patient Organizations with the entire ASSEMBLY connected throughout. The Steering Committee and the Executive Committee are represented in Blue along with the Patients/Patient Organizations because both of these study decision-making teams include a Patient and/or Patient Organization Representative collaborating in the execution of the project.